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Frequently Asked Questions

Please refer to the questions below before you contact us for assistance.



1.  My motor is running but no steam is coming out.

Please run water with a half cup of vinegar through the mop. Letting it soak for a few minutes has also known to help. As it states in the manual, a few light taps on its side can dislodge any trapped air in the lines. Please try both of the steps above, then try the operation again. **Make sure you ALWAYS use distilled water, this will stop any deposits from water/hard water from building up**

2.  My motor is not running or I have a flashing blue light - The mop wont steam.

This is a sign that the motor may have died or quit working. If within your warranty period as stated by the distributor that sold you the mop, please contact them to inquire about a warranty replacement. Otherwise you can also reach out to your local small appliance repair shop to see if they can repair it.



1.  Your prices are in USD - Will I be charged shipping or brokerage if I'm in Canada.

No, you will not. We provide low-cost shipping to all of our customers. We will ship your order out of a warehouse in Canada or the United States according to your shipping address, incurring no brokerage fee's.


Warranty and Replacements

1.  My steam mop quit working within a one year time period and it was purchased through you online, how do I get a warranty replacement.

Please message us with your name and order number and we will start the warranty replacement process for a new mop.

2.  My steam mop quit working and it was purchased at a Home Show/Fair or through another seller, how do I get a warranty replacement.

Unfortunately we only warranty the items that we sell online - Other distributors provide their own warranties and handle their own exchanges and refunds. Please try to contact the vendor that sold you the mop (Either by your receipt, calling the home show/fair to get the supplier's contact, or contact and they MAY be able to put you in touch with a distributor in your area)

3.  My steam mop quit working and it was purchased at a Costco how do I get a service or a warranty replacement.

Please contact for any steam mops purchased through Costco or Sams club.